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Video Call Language App

Chat - Learn - Get Fluent

Download a video call language app for your phone and start learning another language - it's that simple!

When you look around, almost everyone owns a smartphone which allows them to keep in contact with their family and friends as long as they have signal - it doesn't matter where they are in the world


New online platforms allow us to chat with each other in a much easier and quicker way nowadays than for past generations. This is because the technology available to us have massively improved recently, which has allowed us to become closer to our family and friends without even having to be in the same country as them.

However, although we are connected to the people we know on a daily basis, we don't often use this technology to help us to learn another language. Video calls are becoming more popular every year and this means that we can take advantage of better technology and faster internet speeds to help us learn and practice another language. More importantly, we can incorporate language learning into our everyday lives just by using our smartphone! An example of this is by using a video call language app.

If you were able to open an app on your phone, and instantly connect via a live video call to a native speaker in the language you want to learn, you'd massively improve your language skills. It's not reading, or writing - it's directly speaking to a native speaker in the language you're learning. You're using a video call language app to practice with a native speaker - no matter where in the world you are, as long as you have an internet connection.

Not only will this allow you to think quickly and get more fluent in another language, but you'll also learn the informal phrases and colloquialisms of the language - something that can be difficult to learn if you don't currently live abroad!

At Lingo Online, our app allows you to do exactly this - you'll open the video call language app, and instantly be able to practice with a native speaker of the language you want to learn. You can receive feedback on your fluency and pronunciation as well as have interesting conversations about your hobbies, interests and other cultures too.

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