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Practice With Native Speakers

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An effective and fun way to learn another language

Learning any language can by difficult, especially if you're using textbooks and trying to learn the grammar and technical side of a language first!

In schools and colleges, the focus tends to be on grammar, formal use of a language and speaking 'correctly' rather than encouraging students to practice with native speakers. This is often the case because the education system needs some way of 'marking' or 'assessing' the progress that each student has made in class.

This is great for allowing schools to show and compare the grades that their students have achieved and to teach students the basic structure of a language (eg. grammar, tenses etc), however in order to get fluent, it takes regular practice with native speakers over a longer period of time.

The reason for this is because 'conversational' language is different to the 'formal' language taught in many schools and colleges. In reality, native speakers use informal phrases on a daily basis, which can be difficult for a foreign person to understand if they have never been introduced to this way of speaking.

That's where native speakers come in. If you're able to practice with native speakers, not only are you able to learn the accent of another language, but you're able to learn how the language is actually spoken in that country. You're able to have an informal conversation with a native speaker which can be much more interesting than learning grammar and the technical areas of the language - which makes it more fun!

Obviously, it's still important to learn grammar, tenses and vocabulary of another language but it's best not to focus on these aspects - a balance is the best way to improve your conversational skills as well as your ability to speak correctly in another language.

At Lingo Online, we realise that it can be difficult to find native speakers in another language without having to travel and live in a different country. Sometimes you have to pay per hour if you want to learn from a native speaker which can be expensive!

That's why our mobile app gives you the ability to instantly practice with native speakers via live voice or video calls, for free - as long as you have an internet connection; so it doesn't matter where in the world you are. Users can pay to access additional features to help you with the language learning process, but our app is free to download and use as much as you like!

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