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3 Reasons Why You Should Learn Another Language

Nowadays, travel seems to be the subject that everyone is talking about. Whether people enjoy travelling because of the change in culture, the different types of food or just for a relaxing break, there seems to be something for everyone!

We’ve come up with a couple of our favourite reasons why you should learn another language. It’s not only fun and rewarding, but there are other benefits which you might not have even thought of! Here’s our top three:

1: Travelling become so much easier

If you love to travel, languages will be a part of your life. You’ll likely be surrounded by lots of different languages as you travel from country to country exploring the culture.

Knowing another language means that you’re able to understand so much more about each county, how the locals interact and it’s incredibly practical being able to navigate your way around cities without struggling to understand everything around you.

2: It’s fun and rewarding when you can hold a conversation

Imagine being in a restaurant in a foreign country. The waiter or waitress comes over and you order everything in the language that you’ve started learning. You’ll be surprised at yourself for being able to hold a conversation in another language!

When you’ve remembered several different words and phrases, which you can then put to use in a real life scenario, you’ll feel amazing when you’re understood in another country. This good feeling will then motivate you to keep practicing it, ready for the next time you visit the country again!

3: It allows you to fully involve yourself in another culture.

A change in culture is one of the main reasons that some people enjoy travelling. They love to learn about the history and the way of life of different towns and cities which gives them a wider view of the world.

By learning the language that is used in the country that you’re exploring, you’ll open yourself up to the culture completely. You’ll be able to hold conversations with the locals, ask about people’s opinions on life and understand everything that’s being spoken around you. Learning will become so much easier as you’ll actually understand the language.

At Lingo Online, we’re building a language app which allows you to instantly start a live video chat with a native speaker of the language you want to learn. This is ideal if you’re travelling as you’ll be able to ask native speakers how to speak the language before you even arrive.

If you get stuck while in another country, you’ll be able to open the app and instantly connect with a native speaker and ask them for advice via a live video call. You won’t have to wait for help, and the app will be free to download!

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