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Learning English? These are the most useful phrasal verbs!

Common phrasal verbs

Learning English can be difficult, especially with so many rules and exceptions that you have to learn in terms of grammar and word order!

Phrasal verbs are very common in everyday English conversation - mostly when talking informally, so it's a good idea to learn as many as possible so that you can understand what people are saying around you.

We have made a list of the most popular phrasal verbs below, some of which you may already know but some may be new to you!

Phrasal verbs:

1: Bring up

To mention something in conversation which has happened in the past.

Eg. "Why are you bringing that up again? You never stop talking about it!"

2: Fill out/fill in

To complete a form or application. These two phrases can be used for the same meaning - English speakers tend to alternate between the two.

Eg. "I need to fill in this form to apply for the job" or "I should fill out this form to receive payment".

3: Put on

To dress yourself with an item of clothing.

Eg. "This morning I put on my jacket because I was cold".

4: Set up

To arrange something or begin something. To get something ready.

Eg. "I set up the stand this morning" or "I will have to set it up when I come home".

5: Try on

To put on clothing to see if it fits.

Eg. "I will have to try it on before I buy it" or "He has already tried it on but it doesn't fit".

6: Turn up

This can mean; turn up the volume (on a speaker) or it can mean to arrive at a place or event.

Eg. "This isn't loud enough, please can you turn it up?" or "I may be late, but at least I turned up".

7: Use up

To use something until there is nothing left. To use it completely.

Eg. "There is none left, I have used it up".

8: Throw away

To discard something. To get rid of something that you don't need.

Eg. "I have thrown it away because it has stopped working".

If you practice these common phrasal verbs, you will find it much easier to understand English when you're speaking with friends or in other social situations.

Try using them in different types of sentences and in different situations and you'll improve your English skills massively!

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