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Do you ever get bored of texting when you're learning another language? Here's the solution.

Lingo Online - Instantly connect with native speakers and learn another language

When you're learning or practising another language, it's best to learn from native speakers as they can teach you informal phrases, the correct pronunciation and can correct you instantly when you make a mistake - either when speaking or writing.

However, when it comes to actually talking to native speakers on a regular basis, this can be tricky! Sometimes you're not available, and when you are available your native friend is too busy to chat.

There are useful language apps that connect you with native speakers such as HelloTalk, Tandem and Speaky, which are great - however when you're talking with your language partner by texting them, this can become boring after a while! Sometimes you may be waiting several hours or days for a reply from your language partner - which can slow down your language learning progress.

So what's the alternative? If you're a busy person - maybe you're a student with classes to attend or you're working full time during the day, it can be difficult to arrange a regular phone call with a native speaker in your spare time! However, imagine if you could open an app on your phone, press one button and instantly be connected with a native speaker via a live video or voice call?

It would mean that wherever you are, whatever time of day it is, you'd be able to practice your language skills in your free time rather than having to plan the best time between you and your native friend. A native speaker in the language you're learning would be available to speak with you as long as you both have an internet connection - matching you based on your language level. So if you're a complete beginner or advanced in the language, it's no problem!

This is what we're building here at Lingo Online. It's a mobile app that connects native speakers from across the world and allows them to chat, in real-time, with language partners either by voice or video call (you decide!). Lingo Online is free to download and use, and for people who want additional features we also have a premium option too which speeds up the learning process and makes language learning easier!

What do you think of this app? When would you use Lingo Online and can you think of any friends who need it? If so, tag/mention them in the comments below and share it with them!

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