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3 Ways To Make Language Learning Part Of Your Lifestyle

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

Make Language Learning Part Of Your Lifestyle

Learning a new language can be difficult sometimes, especially when you have a busy life!

The best way to improve your language skills in the shortest amount of time is to practice often, on a regular basis. Whether that’s half an hour every day or every other day, its important to keep involved in the process in order to see improvements.

Here at Lingo Online, we feel that incorporating language learning into your everyday lifestyle is the easier way to improve on that language you’ve always wanted to become fluent at! We’ve come up with three methods you can use to make language learning a regular part of your day to day life:

1: Watch TV shows in the language you’re learning

This can be really fun if its a TV show that you already enjoy watching, as you’ll be more interested in what’s happening!

If you find a version of the TV show in the language you’re learning, but have subtitles in your native language, this will help you a lot. You’ll be hearing the language you’re learning, whilst still being able to understand what everyone is saying by reading the subtitles.

Do this on a regular basis (eg. one 20 minute TV show per day) and you’ll quickly notice that your language skills are improving because you’re getting regular exposure to the new language.

2: Listen to radio stations in the language you want to learn

Radio stations tend to have presenters who speak at a normal pace, so at first you might find it difficult to understand everything at such as fast pace.

However, if you’re driving to work or to class, or travelling on a train with your headphones with you, this is an effective way to listen to and learn another language on a daily basis.

Plus, it’s free to listen to Radio stations, so take advantage of it!

3: Download a language app on your phone

Currently, there are hundreds of language apps available to download and use, for both Android and iOS phones.

Making use of something you have with you all the time, in order to practice your language skills is a great way of improving!

At Lingo Online, we’ve found that the best way to practice another language is to chat with native speakers by voice or video rather than by texting them. This allows you to understand the different accents and common informal phrases which are spoken by native speakers. It also represents the reality of how you’ll be talking with the locals if you visit a country that speakers the language you’re learning; you’ll be chatting face to face rather than by text!

That’s why we’re creating a mobile app which allows you to instantly chat with native speakers across the world via live video and voice calls! It will mean that if you have a spare 10 minutes while waiting for a bus or walking to class, you’ll be able to open the app on your phone and instantly connect with a native speaker to practice the language you’re learning. It’s that simple, plus it will be free!

Find out more about our app here.

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