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How to learn a new language in 3 months

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Learning anything new can be a big challenge, however when it comes to languages some people see it as overwhelming!

Here at lingo online, we have three tips to make your language learning journey more enjoyable. We’re here to help you learn that language you’ve always wanted to learn. Better yet, you’ll understand how to speak it in three months with the following tips:

1: Focus on the absolute basics to start with.

Don’t confuse yourself with vocabulary, tenses or different ways of saying the same sentence! When you’re new to a language, start with learning the basics and get good at small phrases first.

Holiday phrases are a good start, because it gives you an idea of how it feels to speak the language and means that you can communicate on a basic level with native speakers. Even if you’re asking for a pint of beer! At least you’re making progress.

Once you’re able to speak a few ‘holiday phrases’ fluently, and can repeatedly use them in different situations, then you can add more vocabulary. As your vocabulary improves, you’ll be able to use different tenses and so on.

Gradually, you’ll see improvements over time. It all begins with starting by learning small phrases and going from there!

2: Immerse yourself in the language.

Many people who start learning a new language tend to forget to integrate it with their lifestyle. This means that they have difficulty finding spare time to practice what they’ve learnt and continue on the learning process.

In order to get good at any language, you’ll need to make plans to immerse yourself in it. This way, over a 3 month period you’ll be able to speak it confidently.

Here’s a couple of ways that you can immerse yourself into another language, no matter where you are:

  • Listen to it on the radio or on a radio app on your phone.

  • Watch TV and in the language you’re learning.

  • Meetup regularly with native speakers of the language.

  • Download a language app on your phone so you can practice it whenever you have a spare few minutes.

  • Read novels in the language you’re learning.

These are just suggestions, so you can be creative and think of other ways to add language learning into your lifestyle!

3: Dedicate time to speak with native speakers.

They’re people. People who can help you learn the language, and correct you with any bad pronunciation and other mistakes you make. This isn’t a bad thing, as it stops you from developing bad habits in the future!

Native speakers are ideal because not only can they help you on your language learning journey, but if you make friends with them and hang out together, you’ll improve your language skills without even trying! You’ll also learn how to say slag words and phrases which can be useful if you want to live in another country in the future.

Follow these tips and you’ll be confident at speaking any new language within three months. You have to be consistent though! Measure your progress over time and you’ll get there.

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