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How To Get Fluent In Multiple Languages With Live Language Learning

Live language learning

For some people, learning one language can be tricky enough! However if you want to learn and get fluent in several different languages, you can with enough practice.

Whether you have plans of travelling the world or you'd like to live in multiple different countries in the next few years, learning more than one other language can be very rewarding! In this post we'll show you how it can be done!

Start with learning your favourite language first

This may seem unproductive, however by starting to learn the language you love the most you'll have more pleasure along the way - you'll enjoy the learning process more! After several months of learning this language, you'll have a basic understanding of how to understand, speak and write. This allows you to develop language learning momentum which will help you to learn any other languages that you like.

Also, by focusing on one language at a time, you will allow your brain to understand and learn the language more effectively - rather than getting confused between two of more different languages. Leaning the basics of a new language (to a conversational level) can take anywhere between two - four months. If you want to speed up this process however, live language learning is the key. This means that you'll be able to instantly connect with native speakers via live video calls in your spare time. By doing this, you'll be more confident in your own ability to learn another language and this will help you prepare for the next language you want to start learning!

Realistically, it would be a good idea to focus on your favourite language first for a couple of months until you feel confident in having a basic conversation and expressing your feelings in that language. Then, focus on the next language you'd like to learn, using the same techniques. You should still maintain your skills from the previous language, however focus on the second one you're learning.

Repeat this process and you'll improve your fluency in multiple different languages at once over the period of six months to one year!

Immerse yourself in each new language that you study

By surrounding yourself in the language you are learning, you're forcing your brain to understand phrases and words in that language. If you listen to the radio, songs on your phone or even podcasts - make sure that you listen in the language you're trying to learn. Remember, you should only be focusing on one language at a time for a couple of months before you move onto the next. Therefore surrounding yourself in this new language will massively help you to learn it quickly. At first, you may not understand anything but your brain will pick up words and phrases which will help you over time!

An easy way to immerse yourself in another language is to use a mobile app such as Lingo Online. This let's you instantly connect with native speakers from across the world via live video calling - whilst you're walking to class or to work. It's a live language learning app which allows you to easily immerse yourself in the language you're trying to practice!

Over time, you will notice improvements when you try to understand the language - not to mention the fact that you're find it much easier to speak the new language more naturally. Live language learning is the future of improving your language skills, as it helps you to learn from native speakers - which is the best way to start your journey and to improve over time.

Move to another country - if you can!

Obviously, there are limitations if you're unable to move to the country where people speak the language you are trying to learn, but if you can - this will definitely help you to improve!

Live language learning via mobile apps is the next best option - if you're unable to move to another country, then this will allow you to speak informally with native speakers which can teach you exactly how to speak the local languages. You'll also learn about colloquialisms and common phrases that are used as well!

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