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3 Reasons Why You’ll Get Fluent In Another Language By Moving Abroad

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

Get Fluent In Another Language

Living abroad is many people’s dream. It means you get to experience a change in culture, try new foods and make international friends who you’ll probably keep in touch with for the rest of your life.

However, if you’re currently learning a new language, then moving abroad is the best thing you can do to speed up the process and make language learning enjoyable at the same time!

Here’s the top 3 reasons why we believe you’ll get fluent in the language you’re learning, just by moving abroad:

1: You’ll be surrounded by the language.

On a daily basis, whether you’re walking to the shop or going to class, you’ll be bombarded with the language you’re practicing. This is never a bad thing; as it means that during those moments when you’re struggling to understand something, you’ll still have to speak the language and keep improving.

It’s during the difficult times when new concepts become hard to understand, that many people give up on trying to learn another language. However, when you’re surrounded by it on a regular basis you have no choice but to push through the barriers and keep at it! Eventually, you’ll be improving your skills even if it takes time!

2: You’ll make friends who speak in the language you’re learning.

Language learning is always more fun when it involves chatting with friends and improving your language skills at the same time!

Living in another country means that naturally you’ll make friends who are native in that language. You can ask them any questions you like about anything which you find difficult to understand and they’ll help you out.

Even when you go for dinner or for a day out with them, you’ll learn new words and phrases every day. These words and phrases spoken by native speakers will be informal ways of saying certain things; so if you learn them, you’ll be able to literally speak like a local!

The mobile app which we’re building here at Lingo Online allows you to do exactly that; practice another language by directly learning from native speakers. It’s very informal and you’ll learn a lot about their culture and slang words just by chatting with them via live video calls on your phone.

3: Your confidence in speaking another language will massively improve.

It takes time and effort to learn another language and there will be times when you feel too shy to pronounce a word or new phrase that you’ve learnt.

If you’re living in another country, you’ll be speaking the language every day and therefore you’ll have regular opportunities to practice everything you’ve learnt in books and from other people. You’ll soon realise that your accent will improve and you’ll feel more relaxed when speaking the language that you’re learning.

As with learning any new skill, language learning takes time and persistence. However, if you’re thinking about moving to another country to help yourself learn the language, then hopefully these reasons will help you decide!

Here at Lingo Online, we’re always thinking of new ways to make language learning easier, quicker and more fun! That’s why we’re making an app which is free, and allows you to instantly connect with a native speaker from anywhere in the world. That means that even if you can’t move to another country yet, you can still practice the language by having an actual conversation with a native speaker; the best way the learn a language!

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