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Going Travelling? Here’s 5 Essential Things You Need To Pack…

Get past language barriers when travelling

Travelling can be addictive; especially if you have a wondering mind and you’re always thinking about the next place you’re going to visit.

As summer approaches, we’ve come up with the five essential items that we feel every traveller needs before they leave home! Just remember to add these to your checklist before you set off…

1: Backpack

This goes without saying - if you plan to explore different cultures and roam outside, you won’t want to drag your suitcase with you so bringing a backpack is the first essential item!

Having a backpack also means that your money and other valuables stay safe when hiking, climbing or doing any other outdoor activities.

You can also make use of separate compartments on the outside of your backpack for quick access when you need it for practicality!

2: Waterproof clothing

Depending on where you’re travelling to, this is essential especially if you’re exploring the outdoors on a daily basis. If you’re going to a tropical country, the weather can change rapidly; so if you already have waterproof clothing with you, you’re sorted!

Many waterproof jackets and trousers nowadays have small compartments too, so this helps keep your regular items safe, and provides quick access so you don’t have to search in your backpack.

3: Toiletry bag

Whether you’re staying in a hotel or a shared hostel with other travellers, keeping track of your toiletries and making sure nothing goes missing can be tricky!

Having a toiletry bag means that you can keep everything in one place, and avoids you having to keep buying new items every time you pack when it’s time to move to another place!

4: Language app on your phone

One aspect of travelling involves having a taste of different cultures and the language of each country you visit. This is never a bad thing until you have an emergency or struggle to get your point across to a native speaker.

If you have your phone on you, and you know you’ll be able to get an internet connection in the place you are visiting; then it’s a great idea to download a language app to help you on a daily basis with foreign languages that you’re likely to face. Live language learning is the best way to practice another language, especially when you’re out of your comfort zone!

Dictionaries and phrase books only go so far, because when it comes to a situation where you don’t know how to speak the language, you’ll have difficulty finding the phrase you need immediately unless you have access to a form of live language learning where you can get help from native speakers.

The best way to overcome this, is to download a free language app such as Lingo Online, which will instantly connect you with a native speaker from the country you’re in and they’ll be able to help you via a live video call when you need it the most!

5: Tissues

You never know when you need these, whether you have a cold or you’ve spilt yogurt on your clothes! Sometimes in public toilets they can run out of toilet roll, in which case you’re covered.

If you’re exploring the countryside, having tissues with you can be very handy, so don’t forget to pack them next time you go travelling!

At Lingo Online, we’re supporting people who enjoy roaming and exploring different cultures. Especially as the world is getting increasingly connected, and more opportunities to travel are appearing.

That’s why we’re making a free mobile app which allows you to instantly connect with a native speaker via LIVE video calls so you can learn another language!

To learn more about our progress with the mobile app, follow us on our website and social media pages below:





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