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Frequently Asked Questions

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Got a question about Lingo Online? Here is a list of our most commonly asked questions...

Is Lingo Online a language school?

No, Lingo Online is a mobile app which lets you speak and practice another language with native speakers for free. No payment is exchanged between each user and conversations are very informal, rather than being structured language lessons.



Is the app free?

Yes. The app will be free to download and use from the app store. However, there will also be premium features which some users may choose to pay for on a monthly subscription basis (similar to Netflix or Spotify). These features include call recording, live speech translation, as well as several other features which will be announced when the app is launched.


How will it help me to learn another language?


Lingo Online focuses on connecting native speakers with each other in real-time via video calls (or just voice calls) via smartphones.


Learning another language by talking with a native speaker is highly effective and allows you to learn the correct accent, informal phrases and makes conversions interesting when talking about different cultures - rather than trying to memorise words in a classroom.


Many people also have full time jobs or classes; which can mean they don’t have spare time to commit to learning another language.


Lingo Online gives you the ability to open the app on your phone whenever you have a spare few minutes. Press one button and instantly get connected to a native speaker (to match your current language level) so you can practice the language you want to learn. This works wherever you are in the world - as long as you have an internet connection.

Can I use the app even if I can't

speak another language?


Learning another language from zero? Don’t worry - Lingo Online connects you with another user based on the language levels of both users. So initially your language partner would talk with you in your native language, then explain some basic words and phrases to you in their native language. This way, you’re both practicing another language for free.




Which languages can I learn?


To start with, we’re limiting the languages to only English and Spanish. This is so that we can build our community gradually and make sure that enough native users for each language are online for the live calling feature to work. Within a couple of weeks after launching however, we will quickly make other languages available too.


Is the app available on Android or iPhone?


Initially, Lingo Online is for Android users only. This is so we can make the best version of the app as quickly as possible, then expand to iPhone once we have a growing community of users. The timescale to make the app available on iPhone also will be within a couple of months after initial release.

Do you have more questions?

Send us an email at contact@learnthelingo.online and we'll be happy to answer!